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My personal translation services guarantee and aim to the highest quality level, made possible even by technologically advanced tools. You can trust your documents with the utmost confidence that they will be rendered with the highest quality in the field of translation and linguistic communication. To support my business, I am using the most innovative technologies that, in addition to cost optimization, guarantee a reliable and high quality service.

Whatever the sector in which you operate, I will provide my professionalism and my experience in the field of translations. I am therefore able to work every kind of document and, in particular:

Technical Translation

these are texts that refer to the sectors of industry and technology (installation, use and maintenance manuals, product information, technical data sheets, insurance, culture / breeding techniques, etc.);

Editorial Translations

translations of texts aimed at public dissemination or on behalf of publishing houses or similar (books, magazines, publications, theses and university documents, etc.);

Scientific Translations

this branch includes all the articles in the scientific field, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical, botany, western and oriental medicine, phytotherapy, homeopathy, psychology, psychotherapy, social sciences, environment and ecology, reports, diagnosis, research, etc.

Legal and Financial Translations

these are terminologically sensitive texts concerning legal and financial matters, such as tenders, contracts, appeals, labor disputes, company statutes, financial reports, court documents, legal and notary documents, regulations, certificates of birth, marriage, and qualifications, etc.

Marketing and Advertising Translations

this sector includes all the texts for advertising purposes, regarding press overviews and releases, promotional texts, websites, e-commerce platforms, catalogues, newsletters, market research, commercial correspondence, newspaper articles, leaflets, etc.

General Translations

this section includes all the texts that do not belong to a specific sector and therefore present a common and not too specific language (leisure time, sports, hobbies, clothing, pets, etc.).

Tourist Translations

these are texts relating to attractions or holiday destinations, such as description of tours, trips, accommodation facilities, organization of events, hotel brochures and promotional flyers for shopping centers, recipes, gastronomic menus, tour guides, tour operator catalogs, etc.

  • NOTE: The range of services offered includes not only translation, but also the revision of texts already translated (terminological and linguistic quality control).